Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Walker's jobs-fail now official, and...

His legacy is cemented with 'growth' that left Wisconsin ranking 34th among the states - - after eight years of self-promotion, public trough grifting, Twitter feeds of ham sandwiches, Kohl's cash, cheap talk and cheaper spending on schools and roads. 

Walker in a 2022 campaign? Only if it's a race to the bottom where the banged-up Mediocrity Trophy is awarded.

Per WPR:
Wisconsin Fell Short Of 250K Job Goal During Walker's 8 Years In Office 
New 'Gold Standard' Numbers Show State Added 233,101 Private Sector Jobs During Walker's Tenure
The numbers also show that over Walker's eight years in office, private sector jobs grew in Wisconsin by 10.3 percent, which ranked 34th among all states and trailed the national growth rate of 17.1 percent. 
And note this blog post from June 7, 2018, almost exactly a year ago, and months before voters sent Walker to the rubber-chicken circuit: 

Least surprising Walker headline repeats itself
In today's not breaking news:
Walker once again misses 250,000 new jobs goal
Also not breaking news: a lede that has written itself since 2011: 
In his first seven years in office, Gov. Scott Walker presided over an increase of 213,000 private-sector jobs in Wisconsin, short of the 250,000 new jobs the Republican promised in his first four years.
For the record, note that there was a time the 250,000 figure was a promise not a goal, a floor not a ceiling, and worthy of being tattooed on his Cabinet members' foreheads...
Promise of 250,000 jobs hasn't changed, Scott Walker says
...Walker presented the jobs number as an ironclad promise, not a goal. Walker joked about branding the figure on the foreheads of his cabinet secretaries and said 250,000 jobs was "my floor, not my ceiling." 
And remember the good old days, when both Walker and key rocket right-hand man Robin Vos both predicted skyrocketing jobs' takeoffs once those pesky recall protestors had been put in their place?

Failure, normalized.

But that was then, and he's already blamed his failure on Jim Doyle, Obamacare, a recall election, Barack Obama, Syrian rebels, State Capitol protesters, bad data, government in general - - but this is now, and... hey, look over here...Foxconn

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