Saturday, June 15, 2019

WI GOP 'leaders' are having themselves a big Twitter day

As they say, ICYMI: So what have state Republican pols been up to on yourbehald in the last 24 hours? We consult Twitter to save you the trouble:

* Glenn Grothman, super busy:

  1. Happy birthday to . Thanks to his leadership, America is experiencing record-low unemployment and great economic growth!
  2. Verified accountJun 14
    Today is ’s birthday. Happy birthday to the Dean of the delegation!

* Ron Johnson explained the border 'crisis' with a sheet of paper. 

Talking about the out-of-control situation at the border this week.

* Assembly Speaker and millionaire protectionist landlord Robin Vos and his Good Government tour were featured.

* Scott Walker posted seven Tweets, with photos and video, from today's motorcycle ride. Just like he did when he was campaigning, so draw your own conclusions.

8 hours ago
Weather is perfect this morning! Out on my 2003 Harley Davidson Road King.

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