Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Highlighting mining risks to people, public health and the Menominee River

You may remember that Walker and his corporate legislative bellhops gave green lights to toxic sulfide mineral mining in Wisconsin and disregard a planned open-pit ore mine's obvious risks to the Menominee River watershed.
Menominee River | Tom YoungThe Detroit News has published an op-ed about it by Wisconsin grassroots activists Al Gedicks and Eric Hansen, here
When mining exposes sulfide minerals to air and water, the result is acid mine drainage (AMD) pollution. AMD dissolves toxic heavy metals into ground or surface water...
Now is the time to stand up for not just clean water and common sense, but also common decency for the burial mounds of the Menominee Indians. Insist that the sacred sites of Native Americans should be “no-go-areas," protected from destructive mining projects. Future generations will thank you.

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