Thursday, June 6, 2019

Murky building details mirror multiple Foxconn uncertainties

Of course Foxconn hadn't disclosed how tall its factory in Mount Pleasant may be.

What? You think transparency should govern the heavily-subsidized deal, its timetables and scope?

Foxconn has not disclosed exactly what it will manufacture or assembly there.

Let alone construction schedules. You know, the weather...

Or how many people it will hire or how many robots it will deploy.

I mean, Foxconn told you they don't have a crystal ball! Isn't that sufficient?

Or exactly what will be in its waste water stream.

But it did prove last summer its on-site rain runoff preparation was insufficient,

It also knew it needed more than $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies, hundreds of acres of good farmland and dozens of homesteads and residential properties, plus tree stands and wetlands, along with other state-guaranteed environmental favors.

Along with seven million gallons of fresh, piped-in Lake Michigan water every day - - visualize 1,100 water tank trucks making the trip there daily.

Plus, enough new electrical power brought in at ratepayers' expense - - but to be bought by Foxconn at wholesale rates through a sweetheart arrangement fast-tracked by Walker's corporate-obeisant Public Service Commission - - mega wattage that vastly exceeds any other WI factory's power demand,

Foxconn is expected to have an initial electric demand of 200 megawatts. That would be by far the largest electric load in the state. The company is expected to use six times more electricity than the next largest manufacturing facility, according to American Transmission Co. 
No wonder Walker arranged clean air exenptions for the Foxconn zone.

Not to mention bigger new roads in a state that can't fix its potholes to satisfy Robin Vos, a local businessman and political figure.

A full two years' worth of Foxconn posts is at this archived item.

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