Thursday, June 20, 2019

WI GOP state senators embrace Mediocrity for All

Even support for roadwork, secondary schools and higher education in Wisconsin far less than what Gov. Evers has proposed is unacceptable to the fringiest of GOP Wisconsin state senators.

The latest opponent is David Craig. We remember him for his love of Native American school logos and team names, and war against roundabouts.
Image of Dave Craig
One more enrollee in this goofy caucus and it's back to the budget drawing board for the very Republican legislators whose fiscal 'conservatism' was demonstrated by giving Foxconn a free $3 billion lifetime pass to the taxpayer money buffet. 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

And that guy has not missed many buffets, to be sure.

Few define "exurban mediocrity"
and "puffed-up self-importance" better that a white-collared GOP white guy from the 262. And Craig is an extra-"special" case of that.

Anonymous said...

He looks like an impending collar blowout! Good thing he has a tie to serve as secondary containment for all that lard that wants to be set free!