Monday, February 3, 2014

Walker Sends A Letter to Obama; Remember Walker's Last Big Obama Letter?

Call it Walker's Second Big Self-Serving Letter To President Barack Obama - - which I assume Obama will see right through.

All puffed up with presidential dreams, Scott Walker has sent Pres. Obama a letter with advice on propane energy planning. On the heels of begging for federal fuel assistance, though Wisconsin has a $900 million surplus.

Well, good for Obama releasing some propane assistance funding, but here's the larger question:

Does Walker think Obama has forgotten another letter he released to Pres. Obama - - the open letter from then-Milwaukee County Executive Walker in 2010 about Obama's signature rail expansion plan.

A key Wisconsin cog in the GOP's obstructionist Make Obama A One-Term President machine, Walker used Amtrak expansion as a cheap, partisan cudgel to undermine opponent Tom Barrett, a supporter of Obama's Midwestern rail transit system.

Walker's Stop the Train letter - - with its resulting loss of solid construction and manufacturing jobs - - became a central theme on his surrogates' talk radio shows that attacked both Obama and Barrett, and was used in Walker advertising to gather supporter signatures, social media posts and donations through a special web page, too.

Letter No. 1 served Walker the Gubernatorial Candidate; Letter No. 2 serves Walker the Presidential Wannabee.

If you are Pres. Obama, might you ask yourself, 'how many times does this two-faced guy want to use me?'

The rest of us can ask: is this how you make a best friend in The White House for your state and its constituents?

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