Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Southridge Has Received Big Subsidies, Yet Boots Transit Off-Site

Southridge Mall said last fall that county buses could no longer stop at the retail entrance, treating shoppers using transit as second-class citizens.

Which means in this harsh weather, people have to trudge through the snow, ice and cold from the relocated bus stop to the mall's doors, including this man in a wheelchair whose story was reported across social media and on Channel 12, WISN-TV.

Fox TV6, too.

The video is on You Tube.

Why do we allow things like this to take place in our community?

You could argue that Southridge is a private business, and doesn't need to cater to public transit users, but Southridge has been the beneficiary of major taxpayer subsidies, according to this 2011 report:
Greendale - In spring, Greendale established TIF District 1 for construction of a $17 million, 90-unit senior housing complex just south of Southridge. 
And, last October, the village established TIF District 2 to support a $52 million renovation of Southridge as part of the mall's plan to bring in a new Macy's department store in 2012. The exterior work on Macy's is expected to be completed before this winter.
And this, a year later, in 2012:
A $3 million TIF district was also approved for Boston Store renovations. Boston Store also plans to renovate the exterior entrances. 
Southridge should better serve the public that has supported the mall and treat its transit-riding customers/taxpayers as full, respected partners.

Take the public's money, served the people. All the people.

More, here.


Anonymous said...

Corporate Welfare isn't welfare!

Laurette said...

It is quite deporable, but anything to keep "those people" from shopping there is fine with Simon, Inc.