Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The WI Groundwater Giveaway Bill, In Two Sentences, One Call

I was glad to see along with today's letters to the editor in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this bold-faced snippet from a blog posting of mine about a truly horrible bill available for approval in the State Legislature.

The bill would remove common sense groundwater protections long-embedded in the State Constitution and upheld by the State Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Legislature, in room-service mode to big commercial water users at your expense, is just a few steps from giving away waters held in trust by the state for all the people. 
And making it darned near impossible to do anything about it if your well level plummets, a favorite trout stream dries up, or your lake pier becomes a mud-flat relic.
So, right now, call the Legislative Hotline, toll-free at 1-800-362-9472 and leave a message for your State Senator and Representative urging a "No" vote on Senate Bill 302/Assembly Bill 679.

Tell your elected officials that, if passed, the bill would allow big water users to dig - -  after fast-tracked reviews - - and use essentially forever a high-volume well without regard to its effects on other wells, streams, lakes or drinking water supplies.

Though the water belongs to all the people of the state, according to the Constitution.

Plus: the already-approved 2013-'15 state budget will soon disallow, through little-noticed special-interest (big ag, big dairy, big mine) wording quietly added, your right to challenge a high-volume well's cumulative impact on other wells and waters.

Make the call. 

Make a stink.

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