Friday, February 28, 2014

So Walker's 2002 County Reform Was Fresh Secrecy?

Beyond ironic to absurd and appalling that Scott Walker would present himself as a reformer only to lay the groundwork for fresh scandal in an already scandalized Milwaukee County Executive's office.

Removed now to a stonewalled Governor's office?

Some reform.

Scott Walker is turning into this guy
Noted earlier:

Who got cheated, disadvantaged and hoodwinked. Everyone. Including editorial writers: 
We have watched Walker and his opponent, Tom Barrett, for years. Both are decent, honest, principled public servants. If a ledger existed, it would no doubt show that we've agreed with Barrett more often than with Walker.  
But in a time of economic peril and at a time when government must be reformed, it's time to throw away the playbook.

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Anonymous said...

According to the story Tim Russell wasn't honest with John DOE 1. He's out of prison on early release perhaps now he'd be willing to come clean in exchange for not going back to prison. Perhaps all the others who were given immunity for telling the truth should have that immunity revoked in light of a system being present from day one!!!!