Monday, February 17, 2014

Bad River Watershed Association A Valuable Source

I am finding good information on the website of the Bad River Watershed Association, especially about the proposed iron ore mine.

And these posted graphics are really informative.

Here's where and what the company wants to explode, dig up and mill - - leaving behind millions of tons of waste rock leaking and leaching God-knows-what dumped on wetlands and elsewhere upstream from Lake Superior. Look at all that water at risk - - as are other state waters under threat of deregulation and diversion to private uses if the same GOP legislators that rammed through the mining bill get their way with groundwater across the state.

mine site_in_brw_map

Map showing streams designated by the State of Wisconsin as Outstanding and Exceptional Resource Waters (listed in NR 102.10 and NR 102.11), approximate location of the Gogebic iron ore body, potential GTAC mine site, and land owned by mining companies. Designated trout streams are also shown as a salmon color. Note that trout stream class (I, II, or III) is not shown and all ORW/ERW waters listed on this map are also designated as trout streams. ORW/ERW and trout stream data are available on Wisconsin DNR’s Surface Water Data Viewer website
ore body orwtrout2

Gogebic Taconite Exploratory Drill Site Map
gtac exploratory_drill_map
What the Proposed GTAC Mining Site Looks like From the Air
Penokee Hills and GTAC Mining site in Northern Wisconsin


enoughalready said...

According to Wisconsin Public Radio:
"The global television network Al Jazeera is doing a documentary on the battle over the proposed open pit iron mine in northern Wisconsin."
Here is the link, from Feb. 14:

gurneygranny said...

Thanks for sharing BRWA. Great organization. Good information.