Monday, February 17, 2014

More Big WI Layoffs, Yet Walker Keeps Claiming Turn-Around

Despite an ideologically-driven 'plan' of corporate tax credits and cuts, promotional billboards, campaign-style business roundtables and state revenue rebates to middle-class taxpayers good for coffee and a Happy Meal a week, the state's economy remains stalled under Act 10's enforced, anti-consumer austerity and will not meet Walker's 250,000 new private sector jobs promise.

Fresh evidence in the form of real-life harm to state residents - - beyond Walker's bumbper-sticker talking points:

In Racine, at S.C. Johnson: 

Officials with S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. told employees on Feb. 7 that it could cut as many as 400 employees, The Journal Times in Racine reports.
In October, S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.announced that it planned to cut between 100 and 200 jobs in Racine as part of a companywide restructuring over the coming months, but those plans have been revised and cuts could be as many as 400.
Now in Madison, at the high-profile American TV & Appliance stores headquartered there: 
American TV & Appliance, a Madison Beltline mainstay for the past 60 years, announced Monday it was closing its business, putting 989 employees in 11 locations out of work.
Six of ten American stores are in Wisconsin, and three are in the Milwaukee area.

Recently, in Greenfield/Milwaukee, at Kindred Healthcare:

Oct. 23, 2013
GREENFIELD - Nearly 400 people may soon be out of a job.
Kindred Transition Care in Greenfield wants to close. It told the Department of Workforce Development on Tuesday that 397 people will be laid off.
At a Green Bay communications firm late last year:
APAC Customer Services will cut 282 workers from their payroll, as the company moves to close its Wireless Telecommunications program at the end of this year. 
There were these telling anecdotes in a story about the impact of mass layoffs at the former Bucycus-Erie mining equipment firm in South Milwaukee following its buyout by Caterpillar: 
Caterpillar’s buildings dominate South Milwaukee’s mid-section. They occupy about a square mile.
Across the street, sits a bar named Powers on 10th. Owner Joe Braun says, if not for the layoffs, the place would be packed this evening... 
Braun says business dropped so profoundly this past summer that by August he had laid-off several employees. He says he can’t afford to hire anyone right now, so he tends bar.


Ralph said...

Eaton Cooper announces expansion in Waukesha adding 200 jobs. Oops, sorry. Not on Walker job bashing topic.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker's jobs promise is awfully vague. Is that a net figure, which would include the number of jobs lost balanced against those gained?
Also, are these new jobs paying enough to support a household? What good is it to have someone having to work several jobs to make the income that your single, household-supporting job used to provide for?

Anonymous said...

Wis. went from #11 in job creation to #37 under Scott Walker policies. To make that happen he took millions of dollars out of the pockets of workers in the state and gave the money to companies that are not creating jobs.