Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spinmeister Walker Schemed To "Nip [PR Problem] In The Butt"

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, having devoted considerable time, expense and space to the needs of patients at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex, goes into detail reporting on emails showing Scott Walker and his appointees' focus on the politics involved:

As crises at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex unfolded, Scott Walker managed the response from the background, while his staff focused on political damage caused by the botched care of what one key staffer called "crazy people." 
Walker was in his final year as county executive and running for governor as issues at the complex demanded much of his attention, a review of thousands of emails gathered as part of a criminal probe shows. 
Walker's county and campaign staffs collaborated in determining how to respond to one issue after another — sexual assaults of patients at the complex, security lapses, controversial remarks by Milwaukee County's mental health administrator. At one point, Walker's campaign manager complained that a county lawyer needed to "think political for a change."
It's not a pretty picture, and neither is the Walker malapropism at the heart of one his PR strategies, as the paper reports:
And Walker suggested reaching out to Journal Sentinel editorial writers, noting: "The next problem will be editorials and this can nip it in the butt."


Anonymous said...

I haven't read through all the emails but I'm wondering if there is any hint of compassion, concern, values or dedication to public service in any of them. Anything? I've never heard public servants talk about the public they serve the way Walker's staff did. These documents should make it very clear to Wisconsinites that Walker doesn't care about public service and he doesn't care about you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God he nipped the former thong model in the butt. Because as we all know, modeling thongs is just plain evil! Says so in the bible ... I think.

Gareth said...

There is a moral rot at the center of the Walker universe. They never ask: What is the right thing to do? The only concern is how to game things, what is the next play? It is an absolute disgrace that Wisconsin government is being run by people like this.