Friday, February 21, 2014

The Walker Emails Are Pure Political Poetry

Tom Nardelli, Cindy Archer and Kelly Rindfleisch received, wrote or forwarded these email lines for rhymes, hence this short 'sonnet' entitled:
"Ugh, I just hate Becky"
My boyfriend approaches and says to me
Consider yourself now in the 'inner circle.'
We've raised $2,080 for the Green Bay event
Arrrgh!, God, it hurts when I pee.
During Walker's Milwaukee County Executive tenure, Nardelli was Chief of Staff, Archer was Secretary of the Department of Administration and Rindfleisch was Deputy Chief of Staff. 
                                   Cold Facts, Hot Mail
Secret email can't fail, thought Nardelli and Kelly. But Wink, in a blink, sunk Tim Russell's hustle, And Kelly's been sentenced to jail. 
Office staffer Darlene Wink's use of email on County time to post anonymous comments on news stories brought the whole scheme down, catching up long-time Walker aide Tim Russell. He had been instrumental in establishing the secret email system, was caught up in the records search and jailed for stealing from a Veteran's Fund Walker gave him to manage. 


Anonymous said...

maybe they can be used as the basis for one of jimmy fallon's
"slow rap the news" skits.

Anonymous said...

Jim, speaking of emails, I haven't seen much about AP reporter Scott Bauer in bed with the Walker campaign email. I canceled my GB Press Gazette subscription in 2010 because of how pathetic the political reporting had become. Small wonder when you see clear evidence of collusion.

I would say half the state never gets any real news because of Gannett news controlling the propaganda. Pounce on this one and write a book called "All the Governor's Henchmen"