Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In A Round-About-Way, A WI GOP Legislator Is Lost

It is truly beyond political parody that after their party has killed, seized - - or plans to remove - - local controls in Wisconsin over budgets and spending, public worker contracts, residency rules, regional transportation, transit and trolley operations, mine siting and impacts, Native American treaty rights, ground water protections and other policies - -  State Rep. David Craig, (R-Big Bend), wants locals to have the final say over roundabouts. Which are data-proven to cut serious accidents.

Yes, roundabouts. Apparently too foreign and requiring too many left turns.

In The Year of Our Lord 2014.

We have previously noted this pathetic pattern of political constipation:

The Right around here is about as fixated on roundabouts as they are on ObamaCare, Solidarity Singers and Food Stamps because they prove that bureaucrats and other Big Guvmint bosses are tampering with their rights - - in this case, their God-given Natural American Freedom Right to make old-fashioned right turns or drive straight-through intersections after idling away gasoline behind slowpokes at lights and or stop signs. 
Righty radio talker Mark Belling and State Senator Mary Lazich, the pride of heavily-Republican New Berlin, have screamed the loudest... 
She's written that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was on a "roundabout rampage" - -  and, separately, a "roundabout binge" - - but apparently no one even at the Walker-run WisDOT can hear her.  
Something about stupid safety data and other efficiencies - - real European stuff, like man purses and mimes. 
Or local control, a rock-ribbed Republican principle - - except when it comes to residency rules, public employee contracts, ground water protection, frac sand air quality, treaty-protected lands, and other trivialities.

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Seatbelts! Set the people free to ignore the laws of physics and be free to avoid being trapped if they should have an accident and the vehicle catches fire.