Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Email Dump, Burke Gets An "A," Walker "F"

Mary Burke is smart to avoid any mention of the email-driven media firestorm locally and nationally torching Gov. and former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

Why put yourself in a story that is entirely the making of Walker and the people he hired both for County and campaign work?
So it's 'let-him-own-it,' and I am sure Walker would handle it the same way if their positions were reversed.
On the other hand, Walker's continuing refusal to answer questions as the email details pour out - - and remember NJ Gov. Chris Christie's no-holds-barred-90 minutes news conference after Bridgegate broke - - only keeps the story alive.
And worse for Walker. his silence creates the impression that he fears that kind of free-form Q & A because the emails undermine his Eagle Scout persona and clean-hands statements.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It's taken a while, but Walker's true nature has finally shown through.

Vindictive and petty, corrupt to the core. Just as awful as Nixon, but not nearly as cunning.

Walker, your spot on the Failboat is reserved, right next to Chris Christie. Not even enough time to saddle up a goat for the 2016 Goat Rodeo.

Next up in the GOP Sweepstakes: Paul Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is silent because he knows what's in the other emails -- the ones that are most likely evidence in the current John Doe investigation.

Bill Kurtz said...

I disagree with you somewhat. Yes, Burke should stay quiet right now. But her campaign should strike while the iron is hot, prepare quick TV ads, "Skippy's Greatest Hits," repeating the most repulsive e-mails revealed.
Unfortunately the "geniuses" apparently running Burke's campaign probably won't do anything until it can be thoroughly focus-grouped, and the ads will wind up running four months from now, when most people will have forgotten this.

Anonymous said...

Just as most people expected this is ho-hum...yawn - politics.

First it was the Capitol protests, then the recall, now the staff emails.

Shortly after the Benghazi attacks, Jay Carney blew off reporters whining that (after months) it happened a long time ago and they've moved on.

These emails are 4 years old for Pete's sake!

Gareth said...

Walker has never been good speaking off-script. If he held a press conference like Christie did, he would have a meltdown. Look for him to show up on Fox News sooner than later to activate the "poor little me" victimhood gambit for the rubes.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

BINGO! Notice that Me. Unintimidated ducked John Doe questions yesterday! He knows there's more to come, and doesn't want to be caught lying any further.

And Bill Kurtz is right. The Dems should be slamming ads next week showing the contradictions and deceptions Walker has had through all this.