Monday, February 24, 2014

Barrett Outshines Walker

In a telling contrast of headlines, Tom Barrett pursues economic development while an embattled Scott Walker parses criminal investigations. Yes, Walker won the elections, but is losing his credibility. If victory is Pyrrhic, which outcome would you prefer?


nonquixote said...

You mean the Brian 'Pierick' victory when he confirms the identity of SKW?

Thanks for staying on this.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Mayor Barrett talks about jobs for Milwaukee. The shift in mindset from wanting buses to get hard hit Milwaukee residents to "jobs in Waukesha County" made him look like he was spelling doom and gloom for his own city. Like no employer is willing to stay in Milwaukee. Like you might be better of relocating out of Milwaukee. Still, David Clarke understood Milwaukee's lack of leadership by the Mayor a long time ago. $10 per hour jobs in the Valley will be below Milwaukee's proposals for minimum wage.

A. Wag said...

David Clarke? Leadership? Same sentence? You're a hoot!