Monday, February 17, 2014

Signature Madison Business American TV Shutting Down


This is the place that gave away 10-speed bikes with purchases and outfitted every UW-dorm room with stereo equipment, back in the day.

The high-profile former owner Len "Crazy TV Lennie" Mattioli personally sold us newlyweds our first black-and-white TV, and later, our first color TV and then something called an Apple IIe computer that came with two Republic Airlines tickets.

Time moves on, and things do change.

Hope the people losing their jobs find something quickly.


nomis said...

How many jobs and/or business has wisconsin lost since Walker became governor??????????? Can someone tell me. We need to emphasize this.

Anonymous said...

Well nimis, if you would read the J/S article you would note that American is clearly blaming the Obama years "the last 5 years" having been unforgiving.

I've said this all along. As long as we have a President who is focused on social policy issues rather than a sputtering and failing economy, the US will suffer.

At least Scott Walker has positioned our state in a good financial position to help those unfortunate souls who lost their jobs under the Obama years of "Hope and Change".

Anonymous said...

What????? How is WALKER GOING TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE LOOSING THEIR JOBS???? At last look Wisconsin once again led the nation in the number of new unemployment applications. Come on this clown is a job killer. How many of those supposed manufacturing jobs going unfilled because a lack of trained personnel has he trained anybody for? The Wisconsin economy is in the tank and the middle and working class have had their pockets picked clean by Walker's austerity government. When ordinary people[ most of us] have gone backwards in take home pay there is not going to be any money to increase demand which results in job creation. Businesses are not going to hire until there is a need to because of an increased demand for their product. WAKE UP WISCONSIN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My family is a prime example of how ACT 10 is tanking WI's economy. Both of us are public workers who's so-called small contribution cuts to benefits/pay/health insurance ended up being over 18k per year. Plus we lost any job security. As a result we have to plan for the worst, spending money on only absolute necessities. Make do with the old cars, clothing, do nothing to the house, cut our own hair, etc, etc, etc. And the easy cutback, we go out maybe once every 2 months or so instead of once or twice a week. Small wonder why all the small restaurants are closing in our area. We went out for the first time since August to one of our favorite places. Rushed over early to get a seat. The place was empty and only had 2 waitresses left.

I have to laugh at how all these so-called business owners and community thought we were the takers. When you cut the take-home pay of about 20% of the state and tell them not to spend money don't expect the economy will not suffer. I am positive we are not alone and there are thousands of us in WI sinking the boat with our survival cutbacks. And for what? My taxes didn't go down, they went up.

"Do you have to stand out on the street in a cold, dank drizzle, looking at the house you used to own before you can connect the dots?" Garrison Keillor

Anonymous said...


You got your "Hope and Change". Now shut up.

@3:18 -

You are living proof of what was called a government ponzi scheme in your community. Just like Bernie Madoff's empire, or social security, or Obama's wreckless spending, someone will need to pay the bill at the end of the day. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg after 5 years of Jimmy Carter II.

Anonymous said...


Walker's WI = Hopeless Change

Now shut up!

Anonymous said...

@ 10:42

Ponzi scheme!?

Your streets are plowed,police/fire, kids are educated, parks, roads, etc. You get nothing in return on your taxes? You are pathetic and blind to how an organized society needs to operate.

Anonymous said...

Yes a Ponzi Scheme.

When all the afformention employees retire at age 55 with a full pension and paid health insurance and then move out of state to avoid paying some of the highest taxes in the US, we still pay for those same services without receiving the actual service. And so it snowballs.