Friday, February 14, 2014

'Stop The Secret John Doe' Request...Is Kept Secret

Not a confidence builder:

The judge and prosecutor overseeing a secret investigation into recall campaign fundraising have again been sued — this time before the state Supreme Court... 
The court issued its first order in the case on Tuesday, but sealed its ruling from public view. Legal experts called the sealing of a court order highly unusual.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

If the checks and balances in the official positions of government do not work, and lawbreaking is not allowed to be brought to justice, then it's up to the people to take up those roles.

I suggest that those that are serving on the State Supreme Court understand this.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the law breaking was done by an overzealous D.A.

Kinda smells like IRSgate, NSAgate - government overreach for political purposes.

I do agree that the record should not be sealed!

Bill Dunn said...

Maybe Anonymous should unseal his or her name (and stop attaching "gate" to faux scandals).

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Nothing says serious like attaching 'gate' to a noun in order to imply misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the record was sealed to protect the judge working with the D.A.?

Now wouldn't that be a noun with a "gate" attached.

Joe R said...

I'd like to know if Roggensack and Prosser recused themselves. That seems relevant, given that Wisc. Club for Growth and Citizens for a Strong America are parties in this investigation and both donated heavily to the election campaigns of those two.

WCOG spent $220,000 on ads for Roggensack in her race against Ed Fallone. CSA spent $836,000 to help Prosser beat Kloppenburg (not bad for a little outfit headquartered in a USPS drop box in Beaver Dam).

I know the conservative justices installed the "Roggensack Rule" so they could participate in cases like this. All part of our "justice" system nowadays. But inquiring minds want to know what's in the secret ruling.