Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wolves Enrich The Eco-System; Kill Them, Kill The System, Too

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch and others who demanded a wolf hunt that has legally killed 374 Wisconsin wolves
Caption: Grey Wolf , Credit: Photo by Retron via Wikimedia Commons.  Photo in public domain.Image by: Photo by Retron via Wikimedia Commons. Photo in public domain. 
in just the last two years using traps and guns should watch this very short video and grasp what a lost opportunity that means for us humans, other wildlife, and the land and water they inhabit.

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Unknown said...

To all my allies fighting for environmental protection. Killing 374 WI wolves in just 18 months is by far more damaging and catastrophic than any iron mine could dream of being to our Wisconsin water and ecosystems. We have to become all inclusive in our fight to protect. The studies are out. Losing large carnivores is as dangerous as our car CO2 emissions, killing wolves as dangerous as the Keystone Pipeline and certainly the reduction of diversity of species by removing the trophic cascade effects of wolves is as deadly as GTAC to our water. Removing wolves for more livestock is totally against our own survival. This is scientifically proven and sound. Wildlife protection is environmental protection.