Thursday, February 20, 2014

National Business News Site Sees Walker On Shaky Ground

Call it a downgrade:
The Fiscal Times has this to say about Scott Walker and those emails:
When it comes to political corruption, New Jersey and Wisconsin are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. But a raft of emails released by a state appeals court judge Wednesday have Badger State governor Scott Walker facing some of the same questions as his embattled Garden State counterpart, Chris Christie. 
Even if Walker is not eventually implicated of any wrongdoing, the documents released Wednesday, as well as other information arising from a pair of criminal cases related to his rise from Milwaukee County Executive to Governor of Wisconsin raise some troubling questions about his choice of personnel and his awareness  -- or lack thereof -- of what was going on in his own office.
The Fiscal Times story is also circulating on Yahoo News. 

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CJ said...

Lying? Or or clueless? Either way it does not bode well.