Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Walker Emails' Bottom Line: He Cheated

The emails show that Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's taxpayer-paid staffers worked stealthily as partisan operatives with his direction and approval, but were not on the campaign payroll.

That subsidized his campaign, Brett Davis' unsuccessful run for Lt. Governor and related GOP efforts.

Who got cheated?


Who got disadvantaged?

The Barrett Campaign.

Who got cheated and disadvantaged?

People expecting public services from Milwaukee County staffers like then-Housing director Tim Russell, then-Administration director Cynthia Archer and the many Walker staff aides and County appointees who were doing campaign work on public time.

Who got cheated, disadvantaged and hoodwinked.


Including editorial writers:

We have watched Walker and his opponent, Tom Barrett, for years. Both are decent, honest, principled public servants. If a ledger existed, it would no doubt show that we've agreed with Barrett more often than with Walker. 
But in a time of economic peril and at a time when government must be reformed, it's time to throw away the playbook.


Anonymous said...

And in the end, the staffers were convicted and served jail time.

Scott Walker has never been charged with a crime.

It's modern history.

The left made another big mistake with voters by trying to make something out of nothing in trying to ouster Scott Walker. Something that the DA already knew.

Laurette said...

And that is why I will never, EVER, buy a copy of the MJS again.

Anonymous said...

Why was Scott Walker never charged with any crimes?

Because he was too big to fail. In Wisconsin, Republicans are not held to the same standards as the rest of us.

Scott Walker and his top aides are ABOVE the law in Wisconsin. Yes they may be cheaters, dirty, unethical, liars, racist, but there are no LAWS against that kind of behavior.

Truth be told, in Wisconsin 2014, a majority of citizens will vote for Scott Walker again BECAUSE of this behavior and what the emails show about his own personal philosophy.

Those who value leaders that play by the rules, who don't use taxpayer money to campaign, who aren't racists or surrounded by aides who actively promote racist jokes, need to leave Wisconsin because NOTHING is going to change in Wisconsin for the next 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Walker is scum. Can't wait until he's GONE.

Anonymous said...

Walker is a RAT and always will be.

Chuck said...

Anonymous Right Wing Nutcase Troll:

"Ouster" is a noun, not a verb, though that's not the only error in your post.

Scott Walker has never been charged with a crime.. yet. However, he is a cheater, a liar, and an idiot lackey. You admire a certified idiot, a crooked politician. Good job!

Gareth said...

I believe the MJS editorialist meant to write: "it's time to throw out the rule book".

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It was such a paid-off move. They knew better, but supported Scotty because Steven Smith's fellow board members at the MMAC demanded it.

And the fact that the JS had the story on Walker telling Brian Pierick to be "WI_Calvin" on the JS message boards may indicate the jig is finally up. This is info the JS could have uncovered in the last few years, but just chose now to bring it out. Inn-teresting. And disgusting

Anonymous said...

Under Jim Doyle and the public employee unions the pendulum swung to far left. There was voter fraud, government control by unions and just as many staffers shaking down contributors on taxpayers dollars as there was in the Walker staffers case. It's going to be a long haul for the left before this state swings back to middle ground again.

And president Obama isn't help the left AT ALL!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Speaking of paid staffers posting comments...

PROVE IT, SON! With real links and evidence. It'd come as big-time news to state employees to find out they did well under Jim Doyle

Anonymous said...

Does the name Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Chvula, that is convicted Leader, ring a bell?

Do you need links because you were to young to remember?