Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Milwaukee Public Market Is A Winner

I remember all the struggles to get it built and clicking where the Third Ward meets the Downtown, and now The Milwaukee Public Market is an urban in-fill development success and absolute year-round delight.

We're already partial to the tacos at Margarita Paradise and the Middle Eastern fare at Aladdin; Kehr's Candies is where I get my marzipan fix. There are stalls selling fresh cheeses, seafood, fruits, salad, spices, coffee, kitchenware, flowers, soups, wine, cookies.

There's plenty of seating and an hour's free parking at the attached lot (though some spaces are lost temporarily to nearby road construction.)

But wait: there more - - the Journal Sentinel's food critic notes that wood-fired pizza has arrived:

At the back of Nehring's Family Market in the Third Ward's Milwaukee Public Market is a 7,000-pound Renato oven. Every so often, the pizza-maker feeds it with chunks of wood, building the flames that fire the pizzas.
Got dinner at The Market last night and brought back carry-out for today, and yes, these are shameless plugs for the market, the vendors and the Big City.

Get with it, Madison.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Yes, it is.

Lovely design work too. Modern with an industrial aesthetic that complements the 3rd Ward.