Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mass Protest Arrests Were Illegal, Judge Rules

Authoritarianism in the face of singing and carrying signs is about to cost state taxpayers more money. 

It's the second such ruling, so send the bill - - and the political expense - - to Scott Walker.


Anonymous said...

links to the opinions:

A. Wag said...

Walker's defense: I was just creating jobs.

labman57 said...

Remember. public protests are an expression of all that is good and Godly -- they are the ultimate display of democracy and patriotism against the evils of the establishment, the corruption of the federal government, and the unconstitutionality of decisions handed down by the Supreme Court.*

* ... unless said protests are conducted by union workers, liberals and progressives, ethnic minorities, gays, senior citizens, women fighting for their health and privacy rights, or participants in an "occupied" rally, in which case they're a non-patriotic demonstration of unAmerican, immoral ideas by people who want to destroy society as we know it!

Welcome to the world of Walker's Wisconsin, where the double-standard is SOP.