Monday, February 10, 2014

Huff Post Gives National Exposure To Walker's Reagan Vote Claim

Nice to see The Huffington Post picking up from this blog the story about Scott Walker's claim to a vote for Ronald Reagan: 

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) may need to take a second look at his date of birth after claiming in an interview that he voted for Republican idol and former President Ronald Reagan...
As one blogger notes, Walker, who was born in 1967, would have been 13 when Reagan first ran for president and only 17 when Reagan was reelected.
Also up at Talking Points Memo.


Anonymous said...

they should have given you the credit.

James Rowen said...

It has a link back to this blog.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Charlie Pierce also has it up at Esquire:

No link to you OR HuffPo, thougbh.

nonquixote said...

Right Wing News is up with a disclaimer that the transcription of Walker's statement being reported was incorrect. They've apparently got a short audio clip up.

Took them a while to find a non-contextual clip to insert?