Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christie And Walker, More Parallels

Despite what his staffers might be saying about him, Chris Christie has a busy fund-raising schedule, writes Politico's Mike Allen (whose daily Playbook is a must-read):

CHRISTIE ROAD SHOW: Gov. Christie is plunging ahead with plans to travel the country over the next month, attempting to project a business-as-usual air...will be in Dallas and Fort Worth for RGA fundraisers. A week from today, he'll speak to the Economic Club of Chicago, then will headline an afternoon RGA fundraiser and RGA fundraising dinner in Chicago...
On March 8, he'll speak to the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum in Sea Island, Ga.
--SPOTTED, entering Gov. Christie's MetLife box during the Super Bowl: GOP mega-donors Harlan Crow, Paul Singer and Josh Harris. Plus Rudy and Judith Giuliani, Governor Cuomo and Sandra Lee, Dan Senor, Bill Pallatucci and various Christie relatives.
And despite what one of his convicted staffers might have said about him, Scott Walker is out there on the money trail also pursuing out-of-state donors, reports the Journal Sentinel - - even dropping in on Texas billionaire Harlan Crow - - one of Christie's Super Bowl guests, Allen reported.

Walker and Christie could have quite the chat about nettlesome staffers and the things they managed to do just down the hall from their terribly-victimized bosses.

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Anonymous said...

Reflecting his growing unpopularity, a group that is the equivalent of the Solidarity Singers is now occupying the New Jersey capitol. they're called the New Christie Minstrels.