Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney, Walker's Troubling Amnesia

Mitt Romney can't remember being part of a 'prank' that another participant has described as an assault on one defenseless boy by a pack of dogs:

The incident in question, according to former classmate Phillip Maxwell, is the time Romney held scissors to the hair of a student, presumed to be gay, who was being pinned to the ground. According to ABC News, “Maxwell said he held the boy’s arm and leg, describing he and his friends as a ‘pack of dogs.’”

Maxwell further said, “Oh my god, are you kidding?… I castigated myself regularly for not having intervened. I would have felt a lot better about myself had I said hey, enough.” The look on the student’s face, he said, was one he’ll “never forget."
Now Scott Walker can't remember "the particulars" of the plan he disclosed to a billionaire donor in Beloit to "divide and conquer" the labor movement in Wisconsin by beginning with private sector union restrictions before heading to the private sector with "right to work" law.

Good thing the Walker particulars are on video, so Walker can refresh his memory.

From Walker, we expect nothing less. He's 31 for 48 false, or 66%+, on PolitiFact's vetting scales.

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Anonymous said...

One has to wonder about Walker's relationship with his father. His mother was an outstanding individual who gave years of her life to running a thrift shop for a Catholic Church.