Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Journal Sentinel Edit Board Makes No Sense

On May 19th, the editorial board recommended Scott Walker's re-election.

Today, it says you shouldn't consume what he's selling:

Talk about genetic modification. Scott Walker's ad touting his job creation policies combines apples and oranges and comes up with a peach of a claim.

And based on a Journal Sentinel PolitiFact Wisconsin article Friday, it's apparent that claim is overripe...

But our problem with the latest Walker ad is that the governor adds the 23,000 jobs he claims were created in his first year (and which has yet to get the federal stamp of approval) to about 10,000 jobs from the monthly survey.

Not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison. No caveats in the ad - the stats are presented as signed, sealed and delivered. And Walker credits his administration for the good news. Well, the stats are subject to revision - sometimes heavy revision. And the governor overstates the impact of a governor - any governor - on job creation.

The Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact team wisely gave Walker's ad a rating of "mostly false."

We'd give the ad this warning label: "Do Not Consume."
Suppose there were a celebrity product endorsement ad where the pitch closed with - - "and remember, don't use it."


Boxer said...

How about a "Don't drink the Walker koolaide" or a "Don't vote for this guy again and expect anything other than more lying."

What does it take for the blind editorial board to see what the smallest child can?

enoughalready said...

Well, I guess there is still time for them to retract their endorsement.

Paul Trotter said...

No doubt- a split personality...

Or they are trying to pander to both sides.

Or they don't read their own paper

Or each board member is given a shot at their oppinion as they can't agree...

Anonymous said...

I sure miss Ricardo Pimentel.

Now that we see more of David Haynes, and what Marty Kaiser and George Stanley and Steve Smith want from their editorial bored, no wonder Pimentel gave up and got out of town -- and far, far from the increasingly hopeless excuse for journalism called the JS.

How did Pimentel stay that long with such illogical minds around the table?

epiphany said...

I find it difficult to believe that after the Disaster Debate that they are still running his "FACTS" ad & that they are still claiming that their math is accurate. This endorsement shows exactly who & what has been paid for w/Walker's "non-special" interest groups money.

A. Wag said...

Anon 8:20 pm:

Don't forget that Paddy Mack was on the editorial board at that time. OMG!