Monday, May 21, 2012

Coverup Of Secret Walker Campaign Work Began 1,000 + Days Ago

The coverup of the use of public resources to help Scott Walker at taxpayer expense win a close race for Governor in 2010 began August 17, 2009, records show - - and that fact, combined with Walker's continuing unwillingness to publicly disclose his full knowledge of all related information is reason enough to vote him out of office June 5th.

August 17, 2009 is the date a Walker appointee named Darlene Wink, who has since pleaded guilty to doing partisan, political work on public time in Walker's County Executive office, asked Tim Russell, another Walker appointee, how to delete the record of some partisan work she had been doing. on County time.

Russell is facing separate charges of stealing funds from a Veterans fund managed in the County Executive's office and from other accounts.

He told Wink, as recounted on page 29 of a complaint (pdf format) against Wink to simply shut down her computer, and allayed her fear that the work would land her in jail.

Russell is also named by prosecutors in a complaint against Kelly Rindfleisch, another Walker appointee charged with campaigning on public time,.

Prosecutors say Russell installed a then-secret email communication system used by various political operatives less than 25 feet from Walker's County Executive office.

One thousand days is time enough to make the recall judgment.

Time for a fresh start based on trust.

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Anonymous said...

only 27 days to the 40th anniversary of the watergate breakin and the start of that coverup. maybe walker will bring in g. gordon liddy to campaign for him.