Saturday, May 19, 2012

So Much For That No-Recall-Endorsement-Policy

The Journal Sentinel endorses Walker.

Will the paper give itself a Full-Flip?

When there were recalls last year, the editorial board said this:

The Editorial Board will not recommend candidates in the recall elections. We believe policy arguments are best resolved on the floors of legislative bodies or at the ballot box during regular elections. Recalls should be used to punish gross malfeasance or corruption - something that cannot wait for the normal election cycle - not to overturn the results of an election or to dispute policy differences.


xoff said...

If you're reading this and still subscribe to that so-called "news"paper, this would be a great time to cancel.

We did 5 years ago. Felt great then, even better now.

Ted Rulseh said...

I think these folks were just so invested in their original endorsement they couldn't admit they were wrong. It's really a shame to see our state's biggest newspaper fully in the employ of a low-life like Scott Walker. The basic argument they made is plain ridiculous -- that's it's all about colective bargaining. That may have been the match that touched of the gasoline. But what about the cuts to schools and the university system? Turning the DNR into an extension of the Republican Party and the WMC and a toothless enabler of the iresponsible? The secrecy of the redistricting process? Not even mentioned in this piece of garbage. I may never buy another copy of that stinking rag. Mainly though I am going to use the Animal House Delta Tau Chi principle: "Don't get mad. Get even." Because of this editorial I am going to pull an extra shift of doot to door canvassing and help excise from Wisconsin the metastatic cancer that is Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

Go Ted Rulseh. I am with you - more canvassing, less reading of right wing propaganda.

enoughalready said...

Translation: Our guy's "bold vision" led us over a cliff, but at least he isn't cautious like that other guy.

Lisa said...

Where has Daniel Bice been? Has he been locked up somewhere until the recall is over?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Lisa- Been wondering that myself. There's something VERY fishy going on behind the scenes at the J-S. Their bosses at the MMAC have made their orders.