Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fresh Reason To Root Against The Cubs

"Worst Cubs' moment" # 6?

Joe Ricketts, owner of the last-place, stadium-subsidy-seeking Chicago Cubs was the guy who was interested in carrying out a SuperPac hit against fellow Chicagoan - - and US President - - Barack Obama.

Word that Mr. Ricketts had considered bankrolling a $10 million advertising campaign linking President Obama to the incendiary race-infused statements of his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., brought waves of denunciation from Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign and much of the rest of the political world. 

Highlighting the perils of mixing partisan politics and corporate citizenship, the reverberations also swept through the Ricketts family’s business empire. 

Liberal groups encouraged like-minded investors to drop their accounts with TD Ameritrade, the brokerage firm Mr. Ricketts founded. His family’s plan to seek public financing for improvements to Wrigley Field, home of their baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, ran into new political opposition.
And he was forced to write a letter to reporters at his New York news organization,, assuring them he believed that “my personal politics should have absolutely no impact on your work.” 

By early afternoon, Mr. Ricketts had announced that he had rejected the ad campaign as out of keeping with his own political style, a day after his aides indicated that it was still under consideration.


Anonymous said...

where have you gone, bill veeck?

3rd Way said...

The Cubs were previously owned by the GOP luvin' Wrigleys.

Meanwhile... The Brewer's owner has a consistent record of contributing to Democratic politicians.

Some people should rethink their allegiance. GOP loving Brewer fans should fully convert to the darkside. True blue Cubs fans should dump their lovable losers and align themselves with the good guys.