Monday, May 21, 2012

Congress Wants Walker Clarification: Get It Now, And Under Oath

Members of Congress want Scott Walker to clarify remarks he made under oath last year that appear contradicted by what he confided to a Beloit billionaire on a video about the "divide and conquer" anti-labor plan.

“This new video raises serious questions about the veracity of Governor Walker’s testimony before our Committee, in which he repeatedly described his decision to strip public sector union workers of collective bargaining rights in purely economic terms,” Reps. Elijah Cummings, Gerald Connolly and Chris Murphy wrote in a letter. “Instead, this video suggests that his motivation was to ‘divide and conquer’ public sector unions in order to turn Wisconsin into a ‘completely red state.’”
Good move: Here's how I put it the other day.
Remember last year when Scott Walker got raked over the coals at a Congressional hearing and finally admitted that the anti-collective bargaining elements of his 'budget repair' bill didn't save any taxpayer money?

Well, apparently there was a lot more testimony that day, and others have discovered more truthiness issues with Walker's testimony, especially in light of his disclosure caught on tape to a Beloit billionaire prior to his testimony that he was strategizing about achieving right-to-work union restrictions down the road.

What would happen if Walker were recalled to Congress to explain why he did not let on when he was under oath about his "divide and conquer" union plans and discussions?

One online video lays out that case, here.
And one more thing.

Get that clarification under oath.

Walker 's got only six fully "true" PolitiFact-vetted statements out of 48 under his belt.

His record, here.

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What we need is a reporter or editor with the balls to ask and pursue these questions just like DK did.