Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Recall Process Has Been Pretty Good To Walker, As I Recall

Walkerites who complain that Wisconsin's recall laws and constitutionally-protected processes are unfair or overly permissive forget two things:

*  Walker got out of the anonymity of the State Assembly, and on his way to the Governor's office through the recall process against that dislodged then-Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament in 2002.

*  And in Wisconsin, fund-raising limits are suspended for a petition-targeted incumbent between the time the effort is begun, and when an election is official scheduled.

Challengers are bound by the limits.

This advantage has allowed Walker to raise his profile, and also to raise a record-breaking haul of dollars for a blitz of campaign ads Tom Barrett cannot possibly match, and which also can be routed, with donor permission, to Walker's legal defense fund, too.

Walker may not be enjoying the process this time around, but so far the record shows there has been  plenty of compensation.

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