Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Debate, In His Governorship, Walker Offers False Narrative

We heard and saw again from Scott Walker in the debate tonight what has become his signature, default, and seemingly uncontrollable behavior - - repeating a narrative of falsehoods.

Tonight's version highlighted his insincere and diversionary insistence that his office had led on and cooperated with the John Doe probe, as Dan Bice wrote Thursday evening:

Milwaukee County prosecutors opened the secret John Doe criminal investigation more than two years ago after being stonewalled by Gov. Scott Walker's office when he was county executive, according to a newly released record.

The document appears to cast doubt on some of Walker's claims about his role in launching and cooperating with the investigation.
And that pattern of weaselly wording extended the pattern that Scott Walker began right after taking office last year when he said the elimination of collective bargaining was tied to solving the state's deficit, claimed falsely he'd disclosed that plan during the campaign, and had to concede his claims were baseless when put under oath before a Congressional committee.

His narrative of and penchant for falsehood has been documented - - only six statements by Walker rated "true," without qualification, and 23 rated "false" or "pants on fire," out of 51 vetted by PolitFact.

And Tom Barrett drilled home in the debate Thursday night one documented true fact that speaks volumes about the transparently false foundation of Walker's Governorship and the narrative he has constructed to support it:

He is the only Governor in the United States with a legal defense fund - - and, in keeping with the secrecy that has surrounded Walker since his employees set up a hidden political communications system in his County Executive office - - and is funding that defense fund with big money from contributors whose identities he will not disclose.

That ties up Walker's tactical practices - - the strategic underpinning of deceit-laden service in the County Executive's office that is being repeated as the recall campaign draws to a close.

It's a narrative that needs to close with his defeat Tuesday, so that open, fair and honest government is returned to Wisconsin


enoughalready said...

What Walker is doing reminds me of the Reagan White House claim that it had initiated the Iran-Contra investigation. Remember Attorney General Ed Meese? Seems like Walker was paying attention.

clyde winter said...


those who refuse to use
a strategy intended
to divide and conquer