Saturday, May 19, 2012

Frac Sand Spill Into Major WI River Offers DNR More Wrist-Slap Enforcement

If spreading human waste near Jefferson County drinking water wells led only to tickets at the behest of our freshly-corporatized Wisconsin DNR, I can't imagine a sand spill into the St. Croix River will produce much of a regulatory response.

Remember, the DNR wants the businesses it 'regulates' to be "self-regulators," a top DNR official recently said.


Anonymous said...

in early May a 5 foot wall/river of sludge and sand raced out of a sand mine berm breach after a bit of rain. 18 inches of sludge and sand and mud were deposited in an Amish home in the Town of Preston near the Trempealeau River. Family had to leave. Supposedly the sand mine is going to "clean up". etc etc
Follow up/publicity on that would be nice as well

Jane Eau Claire said...

The Amish Farm has been deemed uninhabitable.
No media coverage because these people don't count.
The Amish believe working the land is their salvation.
We should follow their lead, not ignore them.
The sand mine industry is raping our land, killing it.
This a like WWII, but this time the railcars are filled with sand. Nobody believed it could happen in Germany. Who is listening now ?

Gloria D said...

Unknowingly, I camped at St Croix Riverway, 100 ft from this Tiller Frac Sand operation near Grantsburg. In an attempt to have a pristine camping experience, I instead suffered the noise of the operation 6 am - 6 pm. I too work at a newspaper, and feel town governments and newspapers alike are unaware and trying way to hard to not ruffle someone's feathers. Fortunately many people are waking up to this - most people I talk to now have heard of frac mining at least! I find this to be an even greater threat to area residents than CAFOS, and worse yet to the entire world.