Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is Desperate Walker Campaign Channeling This Blog

Here's a blog post headline from May 16th:

Key Number In Desperate Walker New Job Data: 100%...Political

But on the 21st, we have this headline elsewhere:

Walker calls Barrett campaign 'desperate'

I've noted these Walker word fluffs before:
Finally, I am convinced that the Walkerites are so guilt-ridden about their reactionary policies that they keep making revealing, Freudian slips in their proofread-free official pronouncements.
For further example, in light of the uproar over allegations of campaign work on public time during Walker's 2010 gubernatorial race, or mining and redistricting bills written behind closed doors - - and with former Watergate figure John Dean calling Walker "more Nixonian than even Richard Nixon - - why would Walker say he can be counted on to "fix things?"

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Anonymous said...

It may seem a minor quibble but the Quarterly Census numbers were complied by WiWFD under the direction of Walker's political appointee. However in Walker's adds he cites the state agengy and the Census Bureau. This is not a report from the census B. they have not yet released their analysis of the WI data and made corrections. Who wouldn't be surprised that when the official data is released on 6/25, Walker's minions considerably over estimate and job gains.