Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Noticing Walker's Tell-Tale Language Exaggeration Tic Again

Hard not to notice Scott Walker's revealing tendency to oversell something when he knows he's coming off as insincere.

I first noted it when Walker described the anti-union measure he'd cloaked in the misnamed "budget repair bill" to journalist Bill Lueders as a "modest, modest proposal."

"Modest," twice, I wondered?

My take at the time:

Like the way you would praise a burger cooked to hockey-puck perfection by a well-meaning neighbor as "really, really good."
Now we can see Walker do it again in the video One Wisconsin Now posted (disclosure: I sit on its C-3 board, and had nothing to do with the video), where Walker is seen trying to be convincing about the respect he has for public sector workers he'd just hammered with Act 10, and before we learned as we did last week that he planned on hitting private sector workers with union restrictions, too.

In the video, Walker says he appreciates the work of public employees, but adds with visible insincerity, "I really do."



xoff said...

Are you doubting an Eagle Scout again?

Anonymous said...

The problem is though - his most ardent supporters, ignorant, smart, poor,rich or middle middle class just don't see this as a problem. We need something much more to swing those stubborn supporters and excite the apathetic. Will Milwaukee come out greater than 50%.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't appreciate any workers, much less public employees. He thinks the public employees, the citizens of Madison, and people who eat granola are all from out of state.