Monday, May 21, 2012

Eight Milwaukee Aldermen Refuse To Stand Up To Walker, And For Milwaukee

[Update: Ald. Zielinski signed this afternoon, so the # of non-signers is now seven. See updates below] When Scott Walker went to Waukesha County and delivered a sleazy, coded attack wrapped in a shot at gubernatorial opponent Tom Barrett - -

People do not want to see Wisconsin "become another Milwaukee," Walker said.
- - you'd think all Milwaukee Common Council members, regardless of party, regardless of their relationships with Mayor Barrett, regardless...regardless...would hit back on behalf of the City.

And you'd be wrong.

The following letter had the signatures of seven of 15 Aldermen. (Now eight, see update below). Those not signing:

Alds. Robert Donovan,  Robert Puente, Joe Dudzik, Jim Bohl, Joe Davis, Terry Witkoswki, Tony Zielinski and Council President Willie Hines.
[Update: you have a Milwaukee.Gov E-Notification... Alderman Tony Zielinski adds name to "MILWAUKEE MATTERS" statement.]
[Further update: I'll bet this Facebook note today from Bill Christofferson got Zielinski's attention, and thank you, Alderman, for signing]:
One of the non-signers is my alder, Tony Zielinski. I just emailed him to suggest that if he plans to run for partisan office in the future as a Dem, this is a mistake. People will have long memories after this recall, no matter who wins.
I don't get it.
May 18, 2012

Milwaukee Matters Joint Statement from Members of the Common Council

On May 8 during his primary victory speech, Governor Walker removed the City of Milwaukee from the State of Wisconsin and disconnected the city’s problems from the responsibility of the state government. He has repeated this same line of commentary when convenient during media interviews.

As elected officials and residents of the City of Milwaukee, it is extremely disturbing to listen to our Governor, the former top elected official for Milwaukee County, use our great city as a prop and make disparaging remarks about the city to gain political points with those outside the city. We are Milwaukee – resilient and strong.

We can only move Wisconsin forward with a strong Milwaukee – not the Governor’s plan of leaving Milwaukee behind.

We are working incredibly hard to focus on solutions to challenges we face, and despite dogged opposition from those supporting policies that have impeded our progress, we are fighting our way to a brighter future. It seems hypocritical for the Governor to slash funding to public education, deny federal funds that would have created jobs, repeatedly take over decisions that have traditionally been under local control, and then take zero responsibility for the impact those decisions have on the city.

Moreover, anyone who has observed the Governor’s budgeting priorities over the last decade, first in Milwaukee County at the Courthouse and now at the State Capitol, has seen a blatant aversion for the city and a desire to see the City of Milwaukee fail. It is his fiscal agenda.

As County Executive, the Governor devastated the Milwaukee County Transit System, and now as Governor, he added money to the prison and highway budgets and took money from public education and from shared revenue with cities, towns, and villages. Those cuts were felt most acutely – as he knew they would be – by the Milwaukee Public Schools and by the City and County of Milwaukee. And now he is bragging about that?

The leader of the State must have the capacity to bring all people in the state together in efforts to solve problems. Accentuating differences between residents in the state in a manner that is unproductive or adversarial is wrong, and only divides and distances us from one another. As Milwaukee goes, so goes the State of Wisconsin.

If Wisconsin is to move forward – Milwaukee Matters.

Ald. Ashanti Hamilton    Ald. Milele A. Coggs    Ald. Nik Kovac
Ald. Robert J. Bauman    Ald. Michael Murphy    Ald. Willie C. Wade
Ald. José G. Pérez


Michael J. said...

This is why the political clout that the City of Milwaukee is no where what it should be, and hasn't been for two decades.

xoff said...

Zielinski just signed on.

James Rowen said...



Shame on Hines! He needs to step down now!

Anonymous said...

Ask Zielinski if he signed the recall petition (he didn't).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right that this city will remember. Willie Hines, there goes your career.

Anonymous said...

Got that letter last week from my alderman and let him know -- again -- that he has my vote again. That was just repeating what I told him at Barrett events, where he has been standing with the mayor from the start.

Hines was at Barrett's victory party, too -- but now, nada? I'll have to let him know that I take back the nice things I said to him there and then. Bygones.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Personal friends with Bob Baumann, and Kovac is my alder. Both will get letters of thanks.