Friday, May 18, 2012

Walker Reviving Mining Bill

Walker says he has a plan to get the mining bill resuscitated.

And he's put a business adviser in charge who thinks the last bill failed because it placed too many environmental restrictions on iron mining.

The bill that failed, [Tim] Sullivan said, placed too many environmental restrictions.
"It would have made it impossible to mine," Sullivan said. "We have to come up with something that makes sense."
 If Walker is re-elected, get ready for the push.


enoughalready said...

Too many restrictions? Black is white. White is black. The out-of-state company wrote the darn bill! No doubt, he just wants to blame Democrats for killing jobs creation, no matter how bad the bill was for the environment. Even the Journal Sentinel thought it was a flawed bill, as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Two many restrictions. I guess they didn't get it last time.