Friday, April 20, 2012

Walker's Jobs Fail Nicely-Charted

Hat tip - -  Milwaukee Stat:
Off the Rails: Wisconsin is Just 2.4% of the Way to Walker’s 4-Year Job Creation Goal
Graphing what Politifact calls Gov. Walker’s “biggest promise of all.”
(thanks for the encouragement, tumblroos)


Anonymous said...

2000 teachers lost and now he has WERC rule that their CPI wage increases will be lower than the actual cost of living plus he gives secret bonuses to 218 workers costing $765,000. This guy has no shame and will screw over teachers any chance he gets. His war isn't with unions it's with teachers and public employees. His budget cuts to education will cause more teacher losses than last year and education is down the tubes in this state.

A. Wag said...

The promised jobs line reads like "Schwiinnng!!!

The actual jobs line: waa. waa. waa.