Monday, April 30, 2012

After Eight Years As Milwaukee County Executive, Walker Discovers Milwaukee

The biggest political pander yet.

A fake economic development plan for Milwaukee, on paper, aimed at Tom Barrett, with little behind it except a cheap photo op and some recall ad copy. From Walker, the man who used his County Executive office for nothing but gubernatorial positioning himself, without creating a single job in Milwaukee - - because he had no interest in urban issues.

For eight years.

No one is fooled. The timing tells you everything you need to know about Walker's sincerity.

The blank stare in the Lt. Gov.'s eyes is instructive. This is 100% political, though the focus on Big Governmenti s sure ironic.


enoughalready said...

That is Gov. Walker: master of the photo op.

Speaking of Scott Walker, Milwaukee County, and big government, I have noticed that many cities now have brand new, functional, technologically up-to-date coounty courthouses, apparently courtesy of the federal government. But here in Milwaukee, we are still stuck with our inconvenient mess of a county courthouse. Any body know if Scott Walker perhaps played a key role in keeping Milwaukee from having its courthouse replaced?

Anonymous said...!/govwalker

He tweets to give the impression this has been in the works for the longest time.

JB said...

Lots of lying here, too.
So, I finally found the "timeline" of the alleged year-long development of this "plan" for the City of Milwaukee, at the Wheeler Report.

IT IS TOTALLY BOGUS. Looks like there was a lot of talking among the secretaries of various departments -- maybe. But wait! Discussions with Secretary Newson of DWD from April to June, and again from July-September 2011! NEWSON WAS NOT APPOINTED SECRETARY OF DWD UNTIL OCTOBER 24, 2011, and only became Deputy Secretary in August, according to the DWD department website. Prior to that, Newson was in Transportation.

Not to mention that they talked to the Sewerage District (but don't mention anything about infrastructure development) and didn't talk to city officials until January of this year.

I am so sick of these clowns.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And most importantly, Milwaukee Alder Bob Bauman points out that it DOESN'T CHNAGE A THING.

“It’s totally phony. WHEDA already does all of those things,” Bauman said. “If they really want to do something (for Milwaukee) they should restore the transit cuts, restore the education cuts, restore the cuts to shared revenue and stop running Talgo out of town, which is doing business in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor. Just put us back to where we were before. Leave us alone. Then we would be happy.”

And Bob Bauman is no buddy of Tom Barrett.

Betsey said...

Replace the courthouse under Walker's watch? You've got to be kidding. An attorney friend of mine said that the budget cuts caused overflowing wastebaskets and grody bathrooms--immediate visible effects of Walker's "reforms" to County government.