Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sen. Fitzgerald Opponent Compas Has raised $100,000

Stunning achievement in the race pitting citizen candidate Lori Compas against the powerful Republican State Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in the election to recall him.

Objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear.


Say What? said...

Just shows how much distain there is for arrogant FITZBAG!

Anonymous said...

Go Lori Go!

Anonymous said...

I love that Anonymous commenter - Go Lori Go! Because it reminds me of a reporter that said the same thing non-anonymously and got into a LOT of trouble with wing nuts and the publisher of the Republican-leaning rag in my area. I am glad people can still express their opinions anonymously in this time of violence and harrassment from the right for our civic ideals.