Monday, April 16, 2012

Sky Falls In WI: Voter ID Remains Blocked

Because the Wisconsin State Supreme Court slowed the GOP press for a quick ruling on the Voter ID bill, big union bosses are recruiting thousands of out-of-staters for their bus trip to the polls where they will vote 80 times (spoiler alert for the irony-deficient) each against Walker, Kleefisch and the Republican State Senators facing recall.

Each fraudulent voter will also get a pony.


Reagan's Disciple said...

I'd rather have a pony than a Cousin's sub sandwich.

Say What? said...

Hey Reagan- Maybe Mittrawmoney will give free rides on his wife's Austrian warm bloods or his Missouri Fox Trotters for votes.
Can you relate to that Reagan?

Not me- maybe the .ooo1 %?

RD said...

Nope, not me, we have American Saddlebreds.