Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Illinois Gov. Quinn Responds To Walker's Tuesday Springfield Showboating

Quinn for Illinois

Dear Friend,
You might have heard that the Illinois Chamber of Commerce hosted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as guest speaker today. One would wonder what a governor with a terrible economic record could have to say about jobs and economic growth. While Governor Walker might be fond of anti-worker and tea party rhetoric, the facts aren't on his side.  Here are some of those facts:

  • Job Growth: Since Governor Walker took office, Wisconsin has been in last place in the nation in job growth. Just last year Wisconsin lost 21,000 jobs. Since 2010, Illinois has added over 130,000 new private sector jobs.  
  • Business Climate: This year, the bi-partisan Tax Foundation ranked Wisconsin 43rd nationally in business-friendly tax environments. Illinois ranks 28th.
  • Exports: Illinois grew its exports by nearly 30% in 2011 - nearly double the national average. Wisconsin's exports only grew 11%, which is well below the national average.
  • Working Families: By cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit, Governor Walker raised taxes on low-wage workers with young children. Governor Quinn doubled this same tax credit this year, proving more tax relief to working families.  
  • Taxes: Governor Walker's budget increases state spending by over $1 billion, which is primarily paid for by tax increases on seniors, families with children, and home owners. His budget calls for raising property taxes by nearly a $500 billion.
In today's Chicago Tribune, the Chairman of the Illinois Manufacturing Association highlighted Illinois' business friendly climate:

"Wisconsin is a great place to vacation, Illinois is where you want to locate your company."

"Our workers are more productive. Wisconsin ranks 46th nationally in worker productivity. We have twice the gross domestic product of Wisconsin and export twice as much. More businesses are started in Illinois and we rank higher in high-tech employment opportunities. As the nation recovers from the recession, Illinois is creating jobs at a rate 10 times greater than Wisconsin. We are spending more on research and development. We have five times the venture capital investment. We are producing more people with science and engineering advanced degrees. While the recession has been brutal, we are working our way out of it. We are investing in our people and our businesses." (Read more: Illinois is open for business, Mike Holewinski, Chicago Tribune, 4/17/12)
We hope Governor Walker enjoyed his trip to Illinois, and that he saw for himself what a great place it is to do business.  If you want a governor with a proven record of job creation, rather than just rhetoric, show your support for Governor Pat Quinn.

Team Quinn


Anonymous said...

Is that $500 billion property tax increase correct? Sounds grossly exaggerated.

enoughalready said...

Can we get Team Quinn to run some TV or radio ads in Wisconsin? Or would that be crossing a line?

RD said...


Remember, Quinn is a democrat so he is just allowed to make stuff up.

RD said...


Better idea... just move to Illinois.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Remember, Quinn is a democrat so he is just allowed to make stuff up.

Funny you should say that in defense of a Gov that JR has shown to be lying about 2/3 of the time.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Yes, because "Politifact" is such an unbiased source of information.

James Rowen said...

@RD. I can pick nits with PolitiFact, but claiming bias means your guy or gal got skewered.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

to conservatives, reality has a liberal bias.