Saturday, April 28, 2012

Helping Walker Own His Phony And Failed Jobs Promise

I agree with this line of thinking expressed by the Journal Sentinel edit board:

Wisconsin lost nearly 24,000 jobs over the past 12 months - the only state in the union with "statistically significant" job losses over that period, according to a new federal government report. For a governor who promised thousands of new jobs would be created on his watch and who now faces an unprecedented electoral challenge, that had to be troubling news. It's certainly troubling for job seekers across the state.

Certainly, Gov. Scott Walker is responsible for politicizing job creation in Wisconsin - and then taking his eye off the ball as his fellow Republicans embarked on fulfilling a conservative wish list ranging from concealed carry to the castle doctrine to voter ID.
But I disagree that Walker took his eye off the ball.

Let's not forget that Walker was all for this extreme GOP conservative social agenda  - - he said he's sign any concealed carry law that got to his desk, for example - - because he knew these were red-meat issues for the far right and pushing along those so-called social conservative issues would solidify his tea party base.

And while the newspaper says that a governmental official cannot really create jobs, Walker would have taken full credit had the numbers worked in his favor.


Say What? said...

Well- he certainly didn't take his eye off the other ball - did he.

Keith Schmitz said...

God, the Journal sure likes to give passes to Walker.

The point is this is what Walker ran on and the promise he made to voters. He is falling short and therefore the voters owe it to themselves to hold him accountable.

enoughalready said...

The only way to move Wisconsin forward is to recall Gov. Walker.

Sue said...

I await the coming MJS endorsement for Governor with bated breath.

Anonymous said...

Stunning once again to see the JS ignore that WI was gaining jobs the year before Walker took office:

2,723,600 jobs in January 2010

2,742,500 jobs in January 2011

Net gain of 18,900