Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still My Favorite Ron Johnson Story, And Video (Love The Beard!)

Our do nothing junior Senator is in the news for purging his staff - - someone must be blamed when an anti-government freshman Tea Party Senator in the minority party can't get anything done - - so what better time is there to remind everyone of RoJo's first foray into politics:

Backing legislation to make it harder for child sexual assault victims to get justice as adults.

And don't miss the video: Hey - - what happened to that eerie beard?

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Anonymous said...

What can I say. My Son had a boy scout merit badge he was working on: Citizenship in the Nation. 1 of the requirements is to contact a Senator from your district on a subject or topic he chose in a letter or email. My son wrote an email that Senator Johnson replied to a little over 1 year later. I was grateful for Senator Kohl responding within 2 weeks of his letter sent 1 month after no response from Senator Johnson. 9 months after he had already earned his merit badge Sen. Johnson responded. We will miss you Herb Kohl!