Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walker Cabinet Secretary's Cringe-Worthy Moment On NBC News Tonight

Painful to watch Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newsom tell NBC Nightly News correspondent Ron Allen tonight on a national broadcast that while only 6,000 jobs had been created in Wisconsin since Walker took office, his promised 250,000 new jobs after one term was "very attainable."

Allen was in Madison for the network covering Walker's recall election, his big job promise and Wisconsin's #1 rating in job losses over the last year.


Say What? said...

This term "created jobs" is such a pile of manure.

B said...

When Allen asked him how many jobs had been created since Walker took over, at least Newsome had the integrity to pause before coughing up the 6000 figure. Not that I think his pause was intentional.

That number of 6000 new jobs has to be exaggerated as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, why the h*ll haven't he and Walker even started to attain those jobs?

All that they've done is kill jobs by the thousands in the public sector and in the private sector businesses that counted on those public employees plus in wind energy, rail transportation, and more.

How the guy can actually introduce himself as in charge of workforce development under a workplace killer like Walker and then look himself in the mirror . . . well, I long ago realized that to be a neocon or ultra-con requires no sense of shame, whatsoever.