Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christies's Rail Fail Is Veepstakes Baggage

The Boston Globe sends a reminder to prospective GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney that the entire Northeast took a hit when NJ Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a passenger rail upgrade on fiscal grounds - -- in a Scott Walkeresque move - -  and then was found to have inflated the cost, again a la Walker.


Say What? said...

I wonder if the GAO will do the same for Walker's bizzaro killing of the highspeed rail. The Illinois Gov. put Walker in his place yesterday on Ed and mentioned Walkers short sighted ideological killing of the train project that is now costing the taxpayers of Wisconsin millions.

enoughalready said...

Instead of focusing on Illinois or New Jersey, I say let's not overlook OHIO!

Remember, Ohio voters recently rejected a law that would have stripped teachers and other public employees of many of their collective bargaining rights. Walker says he wants to move forward, but since when do you move forward by taking away people's rights?

Walker has declared war on the middle class and he must now pay the price!

Here's an idea for a lawn sign: HAD ENOUGH OF WALKER?