Friday, April 20, 2012

Doyle's Merit Bonuses, Bad! Walker's Merit Bonuses, Good!

Call it a flip-flop. Call it hypocrisy. Call it a double-standard. Call it Walker's business as usual.

Walker says one thing, then does another.

This is the latest example:

In the name of fiscal restraint, Walker had suspended Jim Doyle's merit and bonus pay plan.

And though his budget quickly ran up a $143 million deficit if its own, Walker quietly reinstated the merit bonus plan.

It's hard to keep track of Walker's phony manipulations - - beginning with a 2010 gubernatorial election claim to have "lived" transparently in the County Executive's office while clandestinely benefiting from the use of public resources in the County Executive's office for partisan purposes, to dropping the collective bargaining bomb he withheld during the campaign, to promising an unachievable 250,000 new private sector jobs, to enabling a secretive Legislative redistricting process, to collecting record millions of out-of-state dollars to use in the recall election by claiming that millions of dollars was pouring into Wisconsin again him.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite bonus story line was that Doyle and his administration were so sorry that State employees weren't going to get merit raises. Then it was shown that only about 10 people, all in management and mostly appointees, had ever received the merit raises. Walker will probably just give all of his cronies a raise to make up for Act 10.