Saturday, April 14, 2012

Glenn Grothman Says Welfare Underwrites A "Lifestyle"

The Republican State Senator from West Bend - - probably the only Wisconsin legislator whose words and deeds have spawned a website - - said repeatedly during this past Thursday's Public Television program 4th St. Forum that "generous" welfare benefits, including food stamps and the Earned Income Tax Credit (which is for working people only fyi), support a "lifestyle" for the poor.



Grothman's characterization is odd, uninformed talk radio fare. The language is as demagogic as Newt Gingrich having called Barack Obama "the food stamp President" - - both phrases demean the poor and fuel resentment among conservative constituencies at lower-income and less fortunate (and in Wisconsin, disproportionately minority) fellow citizens.

Here's a video of the program: One discussion between the 18-22 minute marks gets you to the heart of the issue.

(Hat tip, SMc)


Say What? said...

Nice comeback from SARAH HALPERN-MEEKIN, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology yet GG just shakes his head. GG talks about benefits that allow a comfortable lifestyle. Uh GG - here's a challenge to you. Step in the poor's shoes for a month.
The lack of respect he shows for the commentors with his head shaking, pen taping and various body language movements defines his emotional intelligence. What an ignoramus.
It's amazing what power will extract from the likes of GG.

James Rowen said...

I agree that he got demolished in argument throughout and his body language was dismissive and rude.

Anonymous said...

Either Grothman is out in the sun too much or he has a very low threshold for contrary opinions as revealed by his red face.
On the other hand I've heard him talk on Sly In The Morning and he presents himself as a calm reasonable person. Yet Sly is pretty easy on him which in the end reveals more of Grothman's incredibly bizzaro thinking.

RD said...

Yes, Lifestyle.

While our welfare society certainly helps people, it does have secondary consequences.

Our welfare society has created a class of individuals that has become fully dependent upon the system. The problem is that many people have no interest in removing themselves from the system.

Instead, they wait from month to month collecting checks, food stamps, housing money etc... They pay little to no income taxes and have no intentions of ever getting off the system.

This has created a second class of citizens who are fully dependent upon government and what the government can do for them and NOT what they can do for their country.

There are many people who have grown accustomed to their welfare lifestyle and have no motivation to change. To deny that this happens is simply being dishonest or ignorant of the situation.

James Rowen said...

To RD - - I could use your language to make the same argument about people who live off capital gains, shelters and trust.

You will say "that's stereotyping," and I will say, "your point is?"

RD said...

Is your point that living off capital gains is equivalent to living off of and/or abusing the welfare system?

Our welfare system with all of its payments, credits, food stamps etc... was meant to serve as a safety net for those in our society who needed the help at different times in there lives. Some need help for short periods, and some need help longer, some people even need help their entire lives.

The problems, abuses and frustrations arise when people who really need minimal or no help at all turn themselves into economic wards of their federal/state governments.

When the system is abused as it is in our country, it hurts those that support it as they lose faith in why these programs exist. It also hurts those that really need the support as there are only finite resources of which people can obtain.

It was never meant to be a permanent lifestyle for the able bodied men and women in our society. Clean up the abuses and dump the criminals who abuse the system and it will go a long way in clearing up the image of the welfare programs.