Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Add This Half-Million Dollar Screw-Up To Scott Walker's County Legacy

The Journal Sentinel is reporting that Milwaukee County received federal funds for ineligible projects on a list developed by then-County Executive Scott Walker and his now-criminally-charged former aide, Tim Russell:

Milwaukee County could be forced to repay as much as $542,000 in federal community development aid that was earmarked for programs that don't meet residency guidelines, according to county and federal officials.

The amount represents about three-fourths of the county's 2011 Community Development Block Grant allocation...

The 2011 block grant funding list was developed in 2010 during Gov. Scott Walker's last year as county executive. The list was submitted to the County Board by Timothy Russell, who was then the county housing director. Russell is facing felony embezzlement charges for stealing money from Operation Freedom, an annual picnic and program at the zoo for veterans that Walker hosted.

Russell, through his attorney Dennis Krueger, declined to comment. 
Then there's this multi-million bill left to County taxpayers by Walker's illegal mandatory furlough scheme:
Estimates range from $4 million to $9 million if the 2010 furlough days and the 13 furlough days imposed in 2011 are calculated in the back pay owed to employees. The county is accruing $33,000 in interest each month, about $1 million so far.
Remembering that the Journal Sentinel endorsed Walker, in part, because they thought he had the right stuff and was running a tight ship:
The persisting dysfunction in Milwaukee County is not of Walker's making and arguably - with tight-fisted stewardship - is better than it was before he took office...

But in this election, we're looking for a kind of fiscal tenacity that this state has, perhaps, never seen. Talk that Barrett isn't "tough enough" is a bum rap. But, on fiscal matters, there is tough and then there is the right kind of experience.

Walker has both, and that makes him the better choice.
Events have proven otherwise.


Say What? said...


After a blast of smokescreen and dishonesty from Scott Walker's political machine, a damning new report from the state Department of Public Instruction shows that teacher and staffing cuts caused by the Walker budget are far worse than expected.
This report in totality refutes distorted statements Walker himself has made about how his educational "reforms" are working.
The alarming key findings of the report include proof that Walker’s cuts have caused:
73 percent of school districts in the state reported cutting teachers this year
The 1,446 teacher position cuts represents a 75 percent increase over similar reductions made last year
74 percent of school districts to cut staff, including the largest, exorbitant cuts made to reading, special education, career and technical education teachers
The reckless cuts by Walker’s knife were mitigated in part this year thanks to $82.3 million in funds provided by the Obama administration to offset such cuts on the state level: That money will not be available next year.
As Eau Claire Superintendent Dr. Ron Heilmann told the media recently: "Governor Walker doesn't understand how school financing works."
"Enacting $2.6 billion in cuts to education to pay for tax breaks to out-of-state corporations has had its intended effect — Scott Walker's disaster budget has resulted in almost 1,500 fewer teachers, larger class sizes and, notoriously, worse outcomes for the children of Wisconsin," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. "Scott Walker and his well-funded political machine are trying to spin away what are facts. And the facts are that he has badly damaged public education in Wisconsin. They all must be held accountable for pursuing a narrow ideology for their corporate puppetmasters in a way that directly puts Wisconsin's families and future at risk."
Note: The data used for this report is collected from all school districts and is used to fulfill various federal reporting requirements. MASSIVE TOOL FAILURE!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

the tragedy of the half-mill is that the money could have gone to projects that qualified, and improved the quality of life in Milwaukee County. Now it is just more financial burden, created by the supposedly 'fiscally responsible' party.